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Today is National Rosie the Riveter Day
Posted On: Mar 21, 2023
Mar. 21, 2023 | WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH | National Rosie The Riveter Day recognizes the part American women played in America’s victory in World War II. As the Great War raged on in the early 1940s, all the able-bodied men were drafted to fight for the Allies. From heavy machinery to steel mills and freight ports, every male-dominated industry came up short of personnel due to abrupt drafting. As the nation’s manufacturing came to a halt, women were called upon to join the industrial workforce as a patriotic duty. The symbolism of Rosie the Riveter stands for the millions of women who left their homes for factories to keep the country’s manufacturing processes going. After decades of sustained activism, the U.S. Congress heeded the calls and dedicated March 21 to this cultural icon. National Today
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