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  • GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 10 am. Please be present and on time. Face masks required.

    What We Do
    Local 570 has been fighting for working men and women for 80 years. By joining together, members have strength in numbers so that they have a voice at work about the issues they care about. We support them in the workplace and on the legislative and political fronts to ensure their best interests are represented.
    Who We Are
    Local 570 is staffed by hard-working men and women experienced in labor relations and workers’ rights. Our Executive Board members come from the shops we represent, with the experience and knowledge needed to be strong, firm voices on behalf of union members.
    Who We Represent
    Local 570 represents workers employed in a variety of industries, including Warehouse, Dairy, Bakery, Laundry & Linen, Brewery & Soft Drink, Solid Waste & Recycling, Professional & Technical, Passenger Transportation, and General Sales.

    Latest Labor News
    Mar. 8, 2021 | WORKERS’ RIGHTS | Within the last twenty years, many thousands of women worldwide have begun to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD). However, the way in which the day is marked often bears little resemblance to the original IWD purpose and origins. This is a great misfortune, especially in the current climate in which there is an attack on the fundamental principle of women’s rights. IWD was founded at the beginning of the last century to both highlight and celebrate the struggle of working women against their oppression and double exploitation. The motivation for IWD came from two sources—the struggle of working-class women to form trade unions and the fight for women’s right to vote… People’s World

      • Teamsters celebrate Women’s History Month
      • Small businesses benefit when wages rise
      • Essential work and the struggle for $15
      • Costco raising its minimum wage to $16 per hour
      • Biden is saying things Amazon doesn’t want to hear
      • Lawmakers look to fast track PRO Act through House
      • Teamsters see pro-labor proposal leveling playing field at XPO
      • Great day for Montana workers: So-called “right-to-work” bill dies
      • Teamster women: Topic-specific webinars available here

    Mar. 3, 2021 | ORGANIZING | As lead organizer in the potentially historic effort to unionize 5,800 Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, Josh Brewer heads a small army of organizers for the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. Brewer recognizes that it’s a high-stakes campaign—it’s the first time a union has sought to unionize all the workers at an Amazon warehouse in the United States. Bessemer, a suburb of Birmingham, was once a thriving union community, with steel mills, coal mines, and a Pullman railcar factory. Brewer, 33, is an ordained minister who gravitated from the pulpit to union organizing because he saw it as a more effective way to lift struggling Americans. Read the interview at The American Prospect
    Mar. 1, 2021 | WORKERS’ RIGHTS | Workers in Alabama – and all across America – are voting on whether to organize a union in their workplace. It’s a vitally important choice – one that should be made without intimidation or threats by employers. President Joe Biden yesterday released a statement voicing support for workers voting to form a union...

    Mar. 1, 2021 | U.S. LABOR | Rarely has the chasm between rank-and-file-workers and the extremely wealthy been this wide. While millions of people have lost jobs, ågone hungry and struggled to pay for their basic needs, billionaires' wealth soared to new heights in 2020. And although the pandemic made things worse, America's wealth gap has largely been expanding since the 1980s. Among the many contributing factors: Far fewer jobholders have a seat at the table in negotiating with upper management than they did decades earlier… CNN Business

      • ‘We deserve more’
      • 28 ways you can celebrate Black History month
      • Teamsters donate drinking water to Texas families
      • Why Virginia is Organized Labor’s next big battleground
      • Civil Rights & the Labor Movement: An historical overview
      • How many Americans are out of work? More than 10 million
      • Amazon offers $2,000 “resignation bonuses” to bust AL union drive
      • Corporations, lawmakers collude in new multi-state 'right-to-work’ offensive


    NOTICE TO MEMBERS: Because public health concerns related to COVID-19 require us to balance staff safety with member access to Local Union staff, we have instituted new office schedules and procedures. Click here for the latest information.

    Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Also known as African American History Month, the event grew out of “Negro History Week,” the brainchild of noted historian Carter G. Woodson and other prominent African Americans. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. Other countries around the world, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also devote a month to celebrating Black history. Check back here throughout the month for more information about Black History.

    Since 1910, the Teamster logo has consisted of two horses' heads, representing the complementary forces of strength inherent in the Teamster organization. A well-known emblem, most people recognize it but are unsure of the story behind it. The horses' names are Thunder and Lightning; Thunder is male and Lightning, female.

    Local 570 members and their representatives negotiate wages, benefits, and job security, resolve grievances, and secure health and safety protections during a pandemic because, as a union, they have a seat at the table with their employers.

    We want to take the time to reach out to you, our brothers and sisters — and your families as we continue to go through very challenging times with the coronavirus pandemic. We know you still have many questions and concerns during these unprecedented times. While the uncertainty can be stressful and unsettling, we believe we will get through these times together and emerge stronger than before. If you need additional information about the coronavirus, please do not hesitate to call the Local Office. We will continue to look for ways to assist and support you during this difficult time. Stay safe, stay well, stay strong — and stay informed!

    Teamsters Local 570 

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