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    Local 570 has been fighting for working men and women for 80 years. By joining together, members have strength in numbers so that they have a voice at work about the issues they care about. We support them in the workplace and on the legislative and political fronts to ensure their best interests are represented.
    Who We Are
    Local 570 is staffed by hard-working men and women experienced in labor relations and workers’ rights. Our Executive Board members come from the shops we represent, with the experience and knowledge needed to be strong, firm voices on behalf of union members.
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    Local 570 represents workers employed in a variety of industries, including Warehouse, Dairy, Bakery, Laundry & Linen, Brewery & Soft Drink, Solid Waste & Recycling, Professional & Technical, Passenger Transportation, and General Sales.

    Latest Labor News
    Jan. 27, 2022 | COVID-19 | The surge in COVID-19 cases across the U.S. this January once again put waste collection workers — and what streets, neighborhoods and cities look like when they can't provide their service on time — in the national spotlight. Solid Waste Association of North America CEO David Biderman explained in a widely circulated Associated Press report how the uptick in trash following December holidays coinciding with the spread of the omicron variant created a “perfect storm for delayed collection.” Chuck Stiles, head of the Solid Waste and Recycling Division of the Teamsters union, said that the transmission problem this past month in part stems from employees running out of paid sick days — including for those who may be contracting the virus for a second time — which can result in employees who are knowingly sick showing up to work and exposing others. "These guys were the heroes a year and a half ago," but employers aren't treating them that way now, according to Stiles… Waste Dive
    Jan. 26, 2022 | WORKERS’ RIGHTS | When Cemex truck drivers in Las Vegas and Southern California decided to join the Teamsters in 2018, the ready-mix concrete company did all it could to stop them. Cemex quickly hired a “union avoidance” firm that it would pay more than $1 million to try to dissuade workers from organizing. Cemex managed to narrowly defeat the union in a March 2019 election, but not without traipsing all over the law and illegally firing a female driver who had been organizing her co-workers, according to trial testimony. The anti-union campaign was so rife with threats… HuffPost
    Jan. 26, 2022 | COVID-19| The Biden administration is withdrawing its requirement that large employers mandate workers be vaccinated or regularly tested, the Labor Department said on Tuesday. In pulling the rule, the department recognized what most employers and industry experts said after a Supreme Court ruling this month — that the emergency temporary standard could not be revived after the court blocked it... New York Times
    Jan. 24, 2022 | UNION POWER | There is a popular saying within the labor community – the union difference. But what does that really mean? A report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) details how a higher presence of unions in ones state leads not only to higher wages for all workers there, but to increased health care availability and a better functioning democracy as well. Unions exist to give workers a bigger voice at work, with a direct impact on wages and working conditions. But there also is a correlation between that and unions giving workers a larger say in shaping their own communities. Where workers have this power… Teamsters

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    As Federal Vaccine Mandate Stalls, Challenging January Continues for Waste Services
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    The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act last year, but anti-worker legislators in the Senate blocked it. Undeterred, working people fought to elect pro-worker lawmakers to the Senate, House and White House. And we won. The House passed the PRO Act for a second time on March 9, 2021, sending the bill to the U.S. Senate. If it passes, it would: Empower workers to organize and bargain; hold corporations accountable for union-busting; and repeal “right to work” laws which were created during the Jim Crow era to keep White and Black workers from organizing together. Lawmakers gave us their word they would make the PRO Act a top priority. It’s time for them to keep that promise. Stronger unions mean higher wages, safer working conditions and dignity for all people who work. The #PROAct is our first step to get there.

    Since 1910, the Teamster logo has consisted of two horses' heads, representing the complementary forces of strength inherent in the Teamster organization. A well-known emblem, most people recognize it but are unsure of the story behind it. The horses' names are Thunder and Lightning; Thunder is male and Lightning, female.

    Local 570 members and their representatives negotiate wages, benefits, and job security, resolve grievances, and secure health and safety protections during a pandemic because, as a union, they have a seat at the table with their employers.

    We want to take the time to reach out to you, our brothers and sisters — and your families as we continue to go through very challenging times with the coronavirus pandemic. We know you still have many questions and concerns during these unprecedented times. While the uncertainty can be stressful and unsettling, we believe we will get through these times together and emerge stronger than before. If you need additional information about the coronavirus, please do not hesitate to call the Local Office. We will continue to look for ways to assist and support you during this difficult time. Stay safe, stay well, stay strong — and stay informed!

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