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MARCH 2023
Jul 05, 2023

Red Cross Workers Secure Third Organizing Victory at NC Facility

Mar. 27, 2023 | Workers in the manufacturing unit at the American Red Cross in Durham voted overwhelmingly to join Teamsters Local 391. This is the third organizing victory at Red Cross’ Durham facility. In the last month, the Mobile Collections Department and IRL unit at the Durham location voted to join Local 391.

“Today’s latest organizing victory should send a clear message to Red Cross that workers are determined to get fair compensation, better benefits, and a voice on the job,” said Moses Darden, Lead Organizer at Local 391. “Red Cross workers are essential in keeping the Durham community safe and healthy. I am thrilled to welcome another unit of Durham Red Cross workers to Local 391.”

“I wanted to join the Teamsters because I want more power as an employee. We need a voice when it comes to our work conditions and other benefits that are needed,” said Kim Weeks, Manufacturing Technician at Red Cross Durham.

These workers join more than 1,700 other Red Cross workers who are represented by the Teamsters.

2023 Workers’ Memorial Day: Organize! Safe Jobs Now!

Each year, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and trade unionists worldwide recognize April 28th as Workers’ Memorial Day (WMD) — an international day of remembrance and action for workers who have died, been injured, made ill, or disabled from their work. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting safety and health in the workplace and advocating for workers’ rights.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has developed a variety of resources to help you plan WMD activities at your local union and workplace. These include examples of activities and events to host, talking points that may be shared with the media, and fact sheets on workplace hazards and workers’ rights. Available resources will be posted on this page in the coming days. On this April 28th, we urge you to commemorate and honor your fellow fallen workers by getting involved and organizing observances, remembrances, actions, activities, or digital campaigns in your workplaces and communities.

2.6 million workers were injured on the job in 2021, per the latest US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Decades of effort by workers and their unions have significantly improved working conditions. But workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths continue to inflict enormous pain and suffering on millions of American workers and their families.

In addition to fighting for worker protection, we must continue to fight for protection against heat stress, workplace violence, and the evolving and unique hazards presented when humans and machines collide in automation/robotics in the workplace. Continued action and constant pressure are required to ensure employers and legislators address these concerns.

This Workers’ Memorial Day is an opportunity to promote health and safety at every workplace by highlighting the toll of workplace injuries and illnesses, acknowledging their preventable nature, and demanding strong management commitment to developing and implementing adequate safety and health programs WITH input from workers and their unions.

We must continue fighting and pushing forward to ensure safe jobs for all workers through strong unions and laws. Organize! Safe Jobs NOW!

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