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Memorial Day Massacre: Remembering the Deadly Clash That Changed Labor Conflict
Posted On: May 30, 2023
May 30, 2023 | LABOR HISTORY | After decades of decline, union organizing is surging again today, mainly in new industries, from coffee empires to online megastores. At the same time, teachers’ and nurses’ unions remain strong and the venerable guild for movie and TV writers went on strike earlier this week. Stephen Colbert, knowing his late-night show would soon go dark, said on Monday, “This nation owes so much to unions.” … Labor protests and strikes, decades ago, often led to violent confrontations between unionists and local or company police. It almost never happens today. This is partly due to lessons learned by both sides 86 years ago this month in Chicago, after police shot (mainly in the back) and killed 10 unionists and wounded 30 others in what has become known as The Memorial Day Massacre. No labor conflict has come close to this toll since. Raw Story
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