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Resurgence of Unions in Maryland and Beyond Just What U.S. Middle Class Needs
Posted On: Aug 01, 2022
Aug. 1, 2022 | COMMENTARY | What do the Starbucks in Mount Vernon, the Apple store in Towson Town Center, MOM’s Organic Market in Hampden, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Maryland Institute College of Art have in common? Employees at each have voted to form or join a union in recent months. They’ve been part of a broader resurgence in organized labor within the United States triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, an improved public perception of unions under President Joe Biden, and a robust jobs market that has clearly put greater power in the hands of workers and less in management’s. The question many are left asking is whether this is a good thing, a bad thing or perhaps a not-yet-determined outcome. Our assessment? It’s not only a positive development, it’s really overdue. First, a disclosure: The Baltimore Sun has long employed unionized workers… Baltimore Sun  PHOTO/BALTIMORE SUN
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