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Today in Labor History
July 27, 1869: William Sylvis died. Sylvis is best remembered as a founder of the Iron Molders' International Union and the National Labor Union, the latter being one of the first American union federations attempting to unite workers of various crafts into a single national organization. The founding convention of the National Labor Union in August 1866, was attended by 60 delegates, representing 43 local unions, 11 trade assemblies, four Eight-hour Leagues, and two national or international unions. Ironically, Sylvis was unable to attend the gathering due to illness. He became president of the National Labor Union in 1868 and advocated international labor cooperation and independent political action. At the time of his death at the age of 41, he was urging the formation of a national Labor Reform party.
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NFOP Applauds Dismissal of Charges Against Baltimore Officers and Calls for State Attorney Mosby's Day in Court
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Local and National Union News 

Code red heat warning in Baltimore
July 25, 2016 | The Baltimore health commissioner is urging residents to prepare for 100-degree heat on Monday that could pose dangers for the young and elderly. The temperature is forecast to reach as high as 100 degrees, but it could feel as hot as 109 with humidity and wind factored in, according to the National Weather Service… Read the Teamster fact sheet on heat stress here.

First Local 570 American Red Cross Blood Drive a success
July 18, 2016 | Union members and neighbors from our community came to the Union Hall yesterday to donate blood during our all-day American Red Cross Blood Drive. More than 20 people spent less than hour during which they donated an average of one pint of blood. (Fact: Each pint of donated blood can save up as many as three lives.) "We are very pleased with the turn out," said 570 Recording Secretary Rich Brown. "We'll have more drives as part of our community service. And we'll be sure to give early notice to our companies and community with the goal of increasing participation." Pictured with the Red Cross Blood Drop, left to right are Local 570 Vice President Neil Dixon, Business Agent Joe Fowler, Rich Brown, and Local 570 Secretary Dawn Wagner.

Teamster convention approves slate of resolutions on final day
July 6, 2016 | Attendees at our union's 29th annual convention approved resolutions that clarify the union's policy stances on everything from airline organizing to worker misclassification. A full slate of resolutions can be read here. (Note: The convention is the highest governing body of the union, subject to the right of referendum by the membership. The General Executive Board has the authority to carry out the policies and directives approved by convention action.)

Older news stories can be found at Local News

Elsewhere in the News
GOP Platform: Bad for Workers
July 26, 2016  | WORKERS' RIGHTS |  …Party platforms are often filed and forgotten, and this platform may be no exception. But they do lay down the principles the party expects its candidates, from the presidency on down, to adhere to. With GOP platform writers coming from the business-oriented establishment wing, those principles are anti-union, anti-worker or both. Key passages include… Related: It's the same 'ol, same 'ol in new GOP platform…
Why Now Is the Perfect Time For a Radical Labor Movement
July 25, 2016  | LABOR MOVEMENT |  …The last four decades have been characterized by unrelenting attacks on the working class, the weakening of unions and the financialization of capitalism. The fiscal crisis of 2007-2008, the burgeoning wealth gap, and the flood of money from corporations and the rich drowning our democracy have exposed the nation’s political, moral, and economic decay, creating conditions that beg for an alternative to a system that increasingly only works for the super-rich… In this environment, anything that unions can do alone, with dwindling power, will be insufficient. The challenge for labor, at a moment of historic weakness, is to figure out how unions can support and be involved in movements and campaigns that expand, rather than narrow, the scope and scale of what we are organizing and bargaining for. It may seem counterintuitive, but it is thinking bigger and broadening our vision, goals, and demands—even at a moment of weakness—that offers a path to resurgent unions and a more equal and just country and world…
Clinton: 'When Unions are Strong, America is Strong'
July 21, 2016  | U.S. LABOR |  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton advocated for expanding unions, Social Security and employee rights as she spoke to nearly 4,000 union workers at two Las Vegas rallies Tuesday… Clinton also pledged to make the largest federal investment in stimulating jobs since World War II, to reduce residents' college debt and to "rewrite the rules" to force companies to share more of their profits with employees… lasvegas.sun
GOP Platform Urges National Right-to-Work Law
July 20, 2016  | WORKERS' RIGHTS | The Republican National Committee July 18 adopted a "pro-growth" platform that calls for national right-to-work legislation and the easing of regulatory and tax burdens on employers. It urges the passage of a national right-to-work law, which would ban "union security" clauses in collective bargaining agreements, and urges that minimum wage laws should be left to the states…
Trump's VP Pick Has Long Anti-Labor Record

July 20, 2016  | WORKERS' RIGHTS Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Donald Trump's choice for his running mate on the Republican ticket, has a long anti-labor record, from denouncing minimum-wage increases to putting his own money into a campaign to cut contraction workers' pay. "He's just an anti-worker candidate," says Indiana AFL-CIO President Brett Voorjies. Union officials in the state cite his defense of its ban on the union shop, the repeal of the "Common Construction Wage" for workers on public projects, and his channeling education funds away from public schools…

Workers Have Opportunity to Vote for a 'Stronger America'
July 19, 2016  | POLITICAL/LEGISLATIVE |  With the 2016  election growing closer, everyday Americans need to focus on finding a viable path forward that empowers them to have a voice in government so they can help shape pro-worker and pro-family policies that reward their hard work with fair wages and benefits. Late last week, House Democrats took a step towards fulfilling that need when it rolled out its new "Stronger America" platform, one that stresses improving the economy for workers as well as expanding the involvement of the millions of Americans who have become increasingly disenfranchised as part of the process...
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