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Today in Labor History
May 22, 1964: President Lyndon B. Johnson announces the goals of his Great Society social reforms: to bring “an end to poverty and racial injustice” in America.
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Updated: May. 22 (12:43)

May 24 is AMT Day
Robert Reich: It’s Time to Bust Up the Big Banks
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Scott Walker's Big Privatization Fail
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Local and National Union News 

Fast Track vote in Senate may happen today
May 22, 2015 | Yesterday the Senate voted to end debate, meaning that a final vote could take place today. We cannot let up in the fight against Fast Track. Please send another email to your Senators right now to ask that they oppose Fast Track when it comes up for a final vote.

Members at Terminal Corp. ratify 'best contract in 32 years'
May 21, 2015 | A new 4-year agreement was unanimously approved today by warehousemen employed at Terminal Corporation, Halethorpe, Md. "This is the best contract I've seen in my 32 years with this company," said Joe Holeman following an overview of the tentative agreement. Contract highlights include a generous wage increase over the term of the agreement, an increase to the pension plan during each year of the agreement, maintenance of Health & Welfare, and an additional personal day. The tentative agreement (TA) was recommended by chief shop steward Mike Hanline and Local 570 Vice President Rich Brown. "I'm very, very proud of what we accomplished with this contract," Brown told the workers after the vote was tallied. Local 570 has held a contract with Terminal for almost 50 years and is among the earliest contracts negotiated by Teamsters 570.

Sysco overstating benefits of merger, gov’t witness says
May 15, 2015 | "… Sysco originally told investors that it would save $600 million through merging the two companies, which it would then pass on to consumers. Mr. Gokhale argued that a large part of Sysco's claimed "merger efficiencies" were not merger-specific, meaning that they were either happening or going to happen without the merger. As an example, he spoke at length about how Sysco expected to save money through "category management" following the merger, but both Sysco and US Foods had been doing this prior to the merger." Full story… Additional info on the FTC trial at Protecting Sysco & US Foods Workers on Facebook.

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Elsewhere in the News
Robert Reich: It’s Time to Bust Up the Big Banks
May 22, 2015 | ECONOMY |  The Street is back to many of its old tricks. The only sure way to stop excessive risk-taking on Wall Street so you don’t risk losing your job or your savings or your home , is to put an end to the excessive economic and political power of Wall Street. What should be done? Learn more here….
The Slippery Math of Right-to-Work Advocates
May 21, 2015 | WAR ON WORKERS |  A bevy of "right-to-work" bills has been introduced in state legislatures across the United States this year. The legislation has generated intense debate and contention, making headlines across the country. What is most alarming about the parade of bills introduced, however, was how their proponents manipulated facts in order to propel them through state legislatures. The results of this war on workers may vary from state to state, but the genesis of these salvos and the misleading arguments used to muscle them through legislatures are the same. A careful analysis reveals their scientific and intellectual flaws. Full story...
New Rules: If The Economy's Not Working for Us, It's Not Working
May 20, 2015 | ECONOMY |  Some of the biggest banks in the world are expected to plead guilty to felonies this week. Finally, America will see members of the class that crashed the economy in black and white suits that are hardly the Brooks Brothers pinstripes to which they've grown accustomed. Oh, wait, no. The New York Times says these felons will just pay some fines and go about their business … they won't face prison like normal criminals… The promise of America is that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules can earn a middle-class life. That promise is betrayed when the system provides a tiny class of Americans with special treatment, including a get-out-of-jail free card when they commit fraud to make untold millions. Full story...
How America’s ‘News’ Media Killed American Democracy

May 19, 2015 | ANALYSIS |  …Every Senator, and every member of the U.S. House, who votes for "Fast Track" approval for these deals, is looking for big money from big corporations, and not for fulfilling his or her supposed and oathed job: to be an authentic representative of the public back home -- and of their children, and future generations. The idea that these are 'free market' treaties is the biggest of all Big Lies. They're a transfer of sovereignty from national democracies to a despotic world government. This is the biggest news-story of our times, and it's been virtually ignored. Full story…

Union Transparency Bills Pursued By Alec Groups Operating in Secrecy
May 18, 2015 | WORKERS' RIGHTS |  A rash of “collective bargaining transparency bills” have popped up in state legislatures across the country, each being pushed by think-tanks that answer to dark money donors. Transparency in government is a righteous pursuit, but lopsided treatment of unions is clearly intended to make us less efficient and curtail our power at the bargaining table. Full story…
Teamsters local 570
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