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Today in Labor History
May 27, 1935: The U.S. Supreme Court declares the Depression-era National Industrial Recovery Act to be unconstitutional, about a month before it was set to expire.
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Updated: May. 27 (04:43)

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National Correctional Employees Union
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May 26: Picket line extended to Swedesboro, NJ, Local 628
May 26: Picket line extended to Swedesboro, NJ, Local 628
May 26: Picket line extended to Swedesboro, NJ, Local 628
(L-R) Rich Brown, Kevin Davis, 570; Jim Deene, Paul Fry, 355
May 25: Picket line up in Indianapolis, Local 135
May 25: Picket line up in Indianapolis, Local 135
May 24: Picket line extended to Metro New York, Locals 202 & 282
May 24: Picket line extended to Metro New York, Locals 202 & 282
May 19: Striking members working the picket line in Severn, Md.
May 16: Shop steward Chris Price with striking members on the picket line in Severn, Md.
Striking members working the picket line in Severn, Md.
May 10: Picket line extended to Detroit area, Local 337
May 6: Picket line extended to Buffalo, NY, Local 264
May 3: Striking members on the picket line in Severn, Md.
May 1: Family support for striking dad
April 27: Local 570 US Foods warehouse workers strike!
US Foods Informational Rally – May 31
An informational rally for all US Foods members will be held Tuesday, May 31, 2016, at 5:30 pm
at Local 355 Union Hall, 1030 S. Dukeland St., Baltimore, MD 21223.
Please be present and on time.

Local and National Union News 

Teamsters at largest USF facility in US honor our picket lines
May 24, 2016 | We extended our picket lines to Metro New York (Perth Amboy; photos above), the largest US Foods facility in the country. Three hundred and twenty Teamster warehouse workers and drivers from Locals 202 and 282 have the right to honor the picket lines by refusing to work.

Teamsters to host strike update conference call with US Foods investors
May 24, 2016 | The IBT will host a conference call tomorrow to discuss the immediate and long-term impact of recent strike at US Foods' distribution warehouses across the country and the ongoing strike in Severn. "We are stunned US Foods management is asking investors for money in the midst of repeated and sustained work actions against the company," stated Steve Vairma, director of the Teamsters' Warehouse Division. "We are now entering or fourth week of work actions and they will continue until management meets us at the table with real, substantive proposals to renew or resolve contract disputes at 18 Teamster represented US Foods warehouses."

Driving Up Standards: Hoffa, First Student members rally to mark 10th anniversary
May 16, 2016 | Today, General President Hoffa rallied with First Student drivers and monitors who transport students for Baltimore City Public Schools to celebrate a decade of the Teamsters Union's Drive Up Standards campaign. "This rally is to celebrate you," said Sean Cedenio, principle officer of Local 570. "Ten years ago today, this is where it all started." Assisted by Local 570 organizers, 150 workers in 2006 voted to become Teamsters. Unfortunately, the company wasn't yet ready to welcome unionized workers. The IBT has gone on to successfully organize more than 46,000 First Student workers nationwide, and in December 2014, First Student bus workers in Baltimore voted to join Local 570. "The company's attitude is a lot different today," said Denis Taylor, Teamsters Joint Council 62 president. "It is the contract that makes it work; it drives up the industry's standards. And you are the ones that make it all possible." "I believe in this union and I believe in you," said shop steward Kevin Shelton. "I believe together we can take this company to the top." "Together, Teamsters work to get a bigger piece of the pie," President Hoffa told the workers. "Think of yourselves as a team because it's only when we work together that we can get it done." More photos here.

Hoffa joins the picket lines in support of USF members
May 16, 2016 | General President Hoffa this afternoon met and walked the picket line with more than 50 Local 355 and 570 members who have been on the picket line for almost three weeks. He pledged the full support of the International for the strikers. "US Foods is attempting to pull these workers out of the middle class," he said in a press release. "Slashing pay as well as health and retirement benefits is no way to ensure that this formerly Maryland-based company remains a good corporate partner in the Free State." Baltimore Sun story here.

Older news stories can be found at Local News

Support our striking Teamster brothers and sisters on the USF picket line
We invite all Teamsters Local 570 members to support our brothers and sisters fighting for their rights by walking the picket line along with them at the US Foods facility at 8024 Telegraph Rd., in Severn, Md. Bring your family and friends, your neighbors and coworkers! And if you can commit to some time on the line to give a US Foods Teamster a rest break, check in with a strike team leader to sign up for scheduled time slots. Do not park at or near the facility. Parking is available at the Severn Run Bar & Grille at 7940 Telegraph Road. We have vans running regular pick-up and drop-off trips; wait times average between 5 and 10 minutes.

Elsewhere in the News
High Cost of Housing Hurts Workers
May 25, 2016 | INCOME INEQUALITY | Shelter is a necessity of life. But for too many everyday Americans, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover the soaring costs of providing a home for themselves and their families… An article at states, "Faced with rising rents and stagnant incomes, most are not saving enough. They also receive much less financial support from friends and family, and will need more than 15 years to save enough for a 20% down payment. Nearly all metros across the United States are unaffordable for millennials without a college degree." …
America Must Renew Its Infrastructure Or Face Decline
May 24, 2016  | JOBS | America is literally falling apart. In Flint, children were poisoned by the lead contamination of the water. In Washington, the subway system is plagued by fires and delays. Arlington Memorial Bridge – which connects the North to the South, the Capitol to Arlington National Cemetery – may have to be closed soon. Kennedy's eternal flame may burn forever, but the bridge is on its last legs. This isn't about money. We have the money…
US Foods Teamsters Escalate Labor Actions Across U.S.

May 23, 2016  | STRIKES | Teamsters workings at US Foods facilities across the country are ramping up actions against the nation's second-largest fraud service provider, building off the efforts of fellow Teamsters in Severn, Md. who began an unfair labor practice strike against the company on April 27. In all, more than 1,700 USF Teamsters have either gone out on strike or honored their picket lines in the last month…

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US Gov's Own Report Shows Toxic TPP 'Not Worth Passing'
May 20, 2016  | TRADE AGREEMENTS | The government's own assessment of the toxic Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) shows that the controversial trade deal will produce negligible economic benefits while damaging most Americans' jobs and wages. The U.S. International Trade Commission's (ITC) report, issued Wednesday, shows that the TPP "would likely have only a small positive effect on U.S. growth," Reuters reported. The ITC estimates a worsening balance of trade for 16 out of 25 U.S. agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors… [United Steelworkers (USW) International president Leo W. Gerard] said, "This may be the most damning government report ever submitted for a trade agreement."
New Overtime Rules Are a Win for Working People
May 18, 2016  | WAGES | After much anticipation and speculation, the Labor Department released an update today to the rules that govern who is protected by the overtime pay provisions in the Fair Labor Standards Act. This long overdue change will significantly increase the number of people who are able to earn a fair return on their work. The overtime salary threshold has only been raised once since 1975, and the current level – $455 a week or $23, 660 a year – allows employers to deny overtime pay to individuals who earn less than the poverty level for a family of four. By raising the salary threshold to $47, 476, millions of working Americans will see restored protections that ensure they are paid for all of the hours they work.  Related: Teamsters General-President Hoffa says changes to overtime rules will help working families
Teamsters local 570
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