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The UAW Strike May Have Finally Set Us Up for a General Strike
Posted On: Dec 01, 2023
Dec. 1, 2023 | COLLECTIVE ACTION | [… The UAW] announced plans to ramp up its organizing efforts in the auto industry and bring workers at nonunion companies, like Tesla and Toyota, into the fold. The move serves as both an invitation to nonunion auto workers in need of representation and a warning to the CEOs profiting off their labor: Expect us. The UAW won’t be fighting its next battle alone, either. One of the most interesting aspects of the new UAW tentative agreements at Ford, GM, and Stellantis is that they are all timed to expire on April 30, 2028. Fain has called on other unions to time their contracts to expire during the same period and “flex [their] collective muscles.” No, you’re not imagining things — the head of a major US labor union is calling on the rest of the movement to come together and start planning a general strike… If even four or five of the unions representing the workers mentioned above banded together in a nationwide general strike, the entire country would grind to a halt. Yahoo
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