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Red Cup Rebellion: Support Starbucks Workers On Strike
Updated On: Nov 15, 2023

Nov. 15, 2023 | COLLECTIVE ACTION | Our union is strongly encouraging Joint Councils and locals nationwide to stand in solidarity with Starbucks Workers United during unfair labor practice strikes scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 16. “The Teamsters Union is proud to encourage all of our affiliates to stand with Starbucks workers,” said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien. “Starbucks’ Board and executives can only ignore the collective voices of thousands of Starbucks workers for so long. This is what happens when greedy CEOs deny workers a contract and union bust. You get a Red Cup Rebellion.” Learn more about Thursday’s Red Cup Rebellion at

Related: Defying a recent National Labor Relations Board judge’s ruling, Starbucks is again discriminating against its workers who voted to unionize by shorting them of pay hikes and benefits. In late September, an NLRB administrative law judge ruled the giant coffee chain’s last round of discriminatory raises, last year, broke labor law. But on November 8, Starbucks did it again. On the other hand, though Starbucks broke labor law by that discrimination—which unionists are taking to the NLRB–it would never have raised anyone’s pay without pressure from workers organizing. Peoples World

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