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We May Be At the Beginning of A New Era of Labor Power
Posted On: Dec 06, 2022
Dec. 6, 2022 | OPINION | […] Wages have been stagnant for four decades in the US. Suddenly, workers are at a premium, but wage growth continues to lag inflation. It’s no wonder that workers are using their greater power to unionize. Unionization is a solid strategy for raising stagnant wages. Non-union workers make only 83 percent of unionized weekly earning. But unions ultimately raise wages for all workers. One report estimated that the decline in unionization from 1979 to 2017 cost the average worker the equivalent of $3,250 a year. Deunionization depresses the wages of middle-wage earners more than those of high-wage earners and so contributed to the 23-point growth in the wage gap between high and middle earners over the same period. If the US moves back toward higher union concentration, it will move toward a stronger, more affluent middle class and less inequality. Alternet
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