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The Best Solution to Fixing Your Crappy Job Is A Union
Posted On: Oct 04, 2022
Oct. 4, 2022 | WORKER'S RIGHTS | […] Parallel with the wave of [worker] resignations is a wave of union election wins driven by many of the same factors, with workers at companies like Amazon, Apple, and Starbucks leading the way. A new generation of workers is realizing that unions hold the answers to remaking their work lives. Union elections are up 56 percent this year over 2021. Pay gap? Union women make more than nonunion men. Discrimination? Union contracts promote equality. Unfair treatment? Grievances and arbitration rights give workers a fair hearing. Low pay, inconsistent schedules, job security? Union contract negotiations give workers a seat at the table and the leverage to win improvements. Those workers organizing their unions are learning that you don’t have to quit to find a better job; you can join or form a union and make the job you have much better. Jacobin
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