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Labor Is On The Offensive
Posted On: Sep 29, 2022
Sept. 29, 2022 | COMMENTARY | The American labor movement is not only alive and well. It’s kicking and fighting, too. Since the onset of Covid, American workers have experienced a resurgence of union activity and interest in unions. Beginning with health and safety concerns during the early days of the pandemic, followed by rising inflation during the recovery, local unions have been taking a more aggressive approach in contract negotiations. They are demanding larger wage increases, better scheduling practices, stronger safety measures, the end of two-tier benefits and pay schemes, and more. … The labor resurgence could also have important consequences for democracy in America. As the federal government has become increasingly gridlocked, Americans have turned to local organizations to solve pressing issues. In labor, we are witnessing an insurgent direct-democracy movement underway in workplaces across the country. Research shows that societies with stronger unions have stronger democratic participation. Barron’s
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