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New Labor Movement Might Save America Yet
Posted On: Aug 19, 2022
Aug. 19, 2022 | COMMENTARY | [...] Like the hungry lust of market capitalism, the bargaining power of workers remains an enduring force. No, not just in factories and mines. Government workers need not be the only ones expanding their professional unions. Coffee shops and hotel clerks, gas station attendants, and legions of creative gig workers may also unite in action. Living wages. Maternity leave. Paternity leave. Universal access to vocational training, sick leave, and health care. With unions, all of this is possible, even when politics seems impossible. If political representation fails workers, they may organize outside current systems. They already are. Their opponent's crib notes from long-dead generations of power and privilege. Perhaps mighty corporate forces will crush this new labor movement forever and always. But that’s not how it went the last time… Minnesota Reformer
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