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Opinion: Workers of the World Are Uniting Again
Posted On: Jul 06, 2022
July 6, 2022 | SOLIDARITY | A trade union revival could make curbing inflation harder, but a rebalancing of the returns to capital and labor was long overdue. For decades, workers made do with a smaller share of the spoils of capitalism, and the labor unions who represented them shed members and influence. Now employees are finding their collective voice again, and [that’s long overdue]. Tight job markets and the soaring cost of living are fueling demands for higher pay and better working conditions on both sides of the Atlantic. Petitions to elect a union and inquiries about joining one are increasing, albeit from historically low levels… Companies haven’t hesitated to mark up prices to protect their profit margins, which last year reached their highest level since the 1950s. Why should workers — especially those at the lower end of the income scale — make concessions now that they finally have some leverage? Bloomberg
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