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Why Costco Employee Unions Are Furious, According to Reddit
Updated On: May 13, 2022
May 13, 2022 | WAREHOUSE | Costco has a history of maintaining a strong union culture. According to Bob Cut Magazine, the big box chain currently claims 17,000 employees as part of the teamsters' union. The union has helped keep wages for members much higher than the national average, protects employees from getting fired by the company, ensures breaks for lunch, and even guarantees a version of a retirement plan. While being a member requires paying dues, the union does negotiate on members' behalf when conflicts arise. The Teamster Union recently started negotiating with Costco for wage changes, causing some Costco employees to reach out and ask about the status of the talks. Presumably, Costco has presented the union with its final offer, raising some eyebrows and causing the union to issue an official letter to its members. This has ultimately sparked anger on RedditMashed
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