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The Business Case for Union Busting is Eroding
Updated On: Jan 19, 2022
Jan. 19, 2022 | LABOR | For many corporate leaders, even mentioning the word “union” can spark a negative reaction. But it may be time for that to change. The recent rise of labor organizing across a wide range of industries speaks to a number of trends that aren’t slowing down. Business leaders still abhor labor unions, using outdated rhetoric to imply that they are worse for workers, worse for the economy, and, depending on your news source, an assault on democracy or a socialist destruction of free-market enterprise. They also hire consulting firms that specialize in bending the law without breaking it as they seek to suppress union activity. In reality, unions are as American as apple pie and the Super Bowl. There is nothing more capitalist than a group of people banding together to improve their pay and benefits… Fortune  Related: Check out Labor Lab’s list of 543 U.S. union-busting consultants.
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