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UAW Files Charges Against Big 3 Automakers, Alleging ‘Willful Refusal to Bargain’
Updated On: Sep 11, 2023
Sept. 11, 2023 | LABOR UNION NEGOTIATIONS | The United Auto Workers filed unfair labor practice charges against General Motors and Stellantis on Thursday, accusing the major carmakers of illegally refusing to bargain in good faith as the union seeks substantial wage increases and benefit improvements. UAW president Shawn Fain announced the charges during a livestream late Thursday, just two weeks before the union's contracts with GM, Stellantis, and Ford—the so-called "Big Three" automakers—are set to expire. "I'm sad to report that the Big Three are either not listening, or they are not taking us seriously," said Fain, who noted that he directly warned the automakers' CEOs not to drag out contract talks with the goal of forcing the union to swallow a milquetoast contract at the last minute. Common Dreams  Related: UAW embraces social media as labor talks toughen ahead of strike deadline
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