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Elect Lawmakers Who Share Our Union’s Vision
Updated On: Oct 19, 2022

Oct. 19, 2022 | Teamsters are facing a critical test with the upcoming November 8 election. During the last two years, we’ve seen significant legislation pass that protects pensions, invests in vital infrastructure, and promotes good union jobs that allow workers to support their families.

But we need to go much further! Big business is fueled by boundless greed, refusing to share the wealth with workers who help companies succeed. Many workers face roadblocks when they try to join together and bargain for better pay, benefits, and working conditions. Meanwhile, white-collar criminals like Jeff Bezos are allowed to run amok while the American economy suffers.

These problems won’t fix themselves. That’s why we need to elect lawmakers who share our union’s vision. And that’s where Teamster members and our families come into the equation. Getting out to vote is the way to keep corporate America in check. You and your family should come up with a plan to vote. You can check out your voting options and see what candidates Teamsters are endorsing in your area by going to

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