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Scabby: The Law of the Rat
Updated On: Apr 14, 2021
Apr. 14, 2021 | LABOR LAW | What has sharp teeth, bloodshot eyes, festering nails, looms twelve feet tall, but doesn’t look mean enough to be threatening? Though it might seem like an unlikely subject of cutting-edge labor and constitutional law, the union’s inflatable rat balloon called Scabby has been at the center of these disputes for over a decade. Scabby has survived lawsuits, injunctions, unfair labor practice accusations, and even friendly fire. But Scabby faced its biggest threat yet when President Trump’s General Counsel Peter Robb set his sights on the rat in 2017. Though Robb allegedly “wanted the rat dead,” Scabby managed to stay alive. How has Scabby survived the anti-union legal climate for so long? And who cares?… On Labor
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