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News Items - September 2018
Updated On: Oct 16, 2018

Teamsters, Coalition of Unions reach tentative agreement with ARC
September 4, 2018 |  The Teamsters, as part of a multi-union coalition, has reached a tentative agreement on the national addendum with American Red Cross. Details will not be released until leaders from Teamster local unions that represent American Red Cross members meet in the next few weeks to review the tentative agreement. Following approval of the tentative agreement, it will be distributed to Red Cross Teamsters for a vote on ratification. Stay tuned here for further information.

Hoffa: Americans recognize union value
September 5, 2018 | Most workers this week received an extra day off for Labor Day, which honors hardworking Americans who for generations have fought for higher pay, better benefits and improved safety on the job. But Labor Day isn’t just about the past; it is still very much about the present. In 2018 alone, thousands of Teamsters gathered in Detroit and Columbus, Ohio demanding that their earned pensions be protected. Teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and elsewhere walked out of their classrooms because of low pay and lack of respect on the job. And just last month, more than two-thirds of voters in Missouri overturned so-called Right-to-Work legislation that curbs the ability of workers to come together and negotiate for fair compensation and workplace conditions. Why is this happening? …

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Hoffa: Appreciating truckers means keeping rules that make roads safer
Sept. 17, 2018 | The nation’s 3.5 million truck drivers do yeoman’s work keeping the U.S. economy humming by transporting goods from coast to coast. The Teamsters thank the President and other elected officials for recognizing the crucial role that these workers play in keeping our country moving forward. However, working as a trucker is dangerous and stressful …

Members & stewards: A reminder that helpful union resources are only a click away
Sept. 24, 2018 | Do you know what a contract campaign is? Do you know why it's important to file a grievance in a timely manner? Are you aware that besides what is in your contract, your workplace may have its own unwritten rules? Every Monday we provide answers to those questions and quick tips to help you learn more about the Local Union and your role in it. Available at Inside Wire: Tips for Members. Stewards, do you know what the 'Cardinal Sins' are? Do you know how to use a grievance as a tactic tool? When past practice is relevant? The Weekly Steward Tip for Stewards under the Shop Stewards link is updated every Monday with helpful tips to make your role as steward a bit easier. (Note: If you've forgotten your password, email for assistance.)

Leaders from Red Cross locals endorse tentative agreement
September 24, 2018 | Leaders from Teamster locals representing workers at the American Red Cross have endorsed a tentative national agreement. The approval paves the way for members to vote on the tentative agreement once local negotiations have been completed. Highlights of the three-year national contract include an 8.25% wage increase over the term of the agreement, unproved health care benefits, safety and health provisions, and voluntary cross-training for collections technicians and a driver premium. Learn more here.

Teamsters Women’s Conference closes with strong, inspiring speakers
Sept. 25, 2018 | 
The final days of the Teamsters Women’s Conference continued with workshops covering everything from how to design materials to shop steward training to the role of the #MeToo movement and the incredible impact it's having in today's workforce. Teamsters Political and Legislative Action Director Christy Bailey updated those in attendance on the current state of the nation and the union. She covered the most recent decisions from Congress and the Supreme Court; how the union is working hard on pension reform; the fight against right-to-work legislation; the critical importance of voting; and the impact women are making leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. “Women are rising! We are marching, rallying, we're registering to vote. We are voting in record numbers and you know what else? We are running for office," Bailey said… Read more at  Pictured: (L-R) Local 570 Trustee Karen Miller (Costco), Local 570 staff member Dawn Wagner, and Local 570 Business Agent Marisol Young show their support for Local 385 (Orlando, Fla.) members currently in a labor dispute with their employer, Gate Gourmet.

Are you registered to vote? Register here to make your voice heard in November
Sept. 25, 2018 | Today is National Voter Registration Day! The first step to voting is making sure that you’re registered. If you’ve recently moved or haven’t voted in a while, your registration may be inactive and you could have a difficult time voting at the polls. Make sure that doesn’t happen by registering to vote NOW! All year, Teamsters all over the country have been going to worksites to help register voters. Just in case they don’t make it to your workplace, make sure you’re registered by clicking here to update your registration before the deadline in your state.

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