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    Local 570 has been fighting for working men and women for 80 years. By joining together, members have strength in numbers so that they have a voice at work about the issues they care about. We support them in the workplace and on the legislative and political fronts to ensure their best interests are represented.
    Who We Are
    Local 570 is staffed by hard-working men and women experienced in labor relations and workers’ rights. Our Executive Board members come from the shops we represent, with the experience and knowledge needed to be strong, firm voices on behalf of union members.
    Who We Represent
    Local 570 represents workers employed in a variety of industries, including Warehouse, Dairy, Bakery, Laundry & Linen, Brewery & Soft Drink, Solid Waste & Recycling, Professional & Technical, Passenger Transportation, and General Sales.

    Latest Labor News
    Jan. 30, 2023 | LABOR HISTORY | [...] Chávez and the United Farm Workers union he led recognized in the 1960s what was happening — long before most other Americans did. They started blowing the whistle on how the chemical industry and agribusiness manipulated the idea of scientific uncertainty to continue selling pesticides they knew were dangerous. The UFW’s crusade against toxins like DDT — its 1972 ban was a milestone in U.S. agriculture that marked the beginning of a decade of bans — revealed how activists could triumph over big business and make American life safer. Washington Post

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    Jan. 26, 2023 | WORKERS' RIGHTS | Among the 20 or so people who attended the Starbucks “Sip-In for a Contract” in Belair on January 20, 2023, was Ed Crizer. He’s a just-elected Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee member in District 6, the old shipbuilding neighborhood of Baltimore City/County. He says that Baltimore County used to be a union-dense area; even bartenders were unionized and thus had a steady income. Now that the service industry is dominant, too many people believe that younger people are doing these jobs and don’t need the benefits. “But if these jobs are just for students, why isn’t McDonald's closed during school hours?” … The Bel Air Starbucks voted to unionize months ago, and yet there has not been a sit-down meeting with management... When asked what allies can do to support the union between sip-ins, the answer from the workers was clear: “Show up (to Starbucks locations), tip, and say, ‘Union Strong.’” Peoples World
    Jan. 24, 2023 | LABOR LAW | According to the latest data, the ranks of unionized workers grew by 200,000 between 2021 and 2022. If the United States’ unionization rules in place weren’t so biased toward bosses, tens of millions more workers indicate they would have joined a union, too… The decades-long decline of unionized labor, as the Economic Policy Institute’s analysis concludes, has not occurred because workers don’t want to join unions but rather because the design of current labor law is prohibitive to forming them even when the appetite for doing so is strong. Through determination, grit, and courage, and with the winds of unusually strong job growth at their backs, hundreds of thousands of workers across America successfully joined unions last year. With more democratic labor laws in place, tens of millions more would eagerly have done the same. Jacobin
    Jan. 24, 2023 | UNION-BUSTING | In their new rules package passed [January 6, 2023], House Republicans moved to eliminate the union formed by congressional workers in recent years — a blatantly anti-worker move that signals their intentions for workers across the country under GOP House control. The Congressional Workers Union, which has successfully unionized six offices so far, all belonging to Democrats, was given the go-ahead to unionize last year when Democrats voted to activate a provision in decades-old legislation that would allow the roughly 9,100 House staffers to unionize. Now, Republicans have voted to eliminate those unions in a largely party-line vote. However, it’s unclear if Republicans have the authority to eliminate the unions in this way. Truthout  


        Members = Power

        Local 570 members and their representatives
        negotiate wages, benefits, and job security,
        resolve grievances and secure health and
        safety protections during a pandemic
        because, as a union, they have a seat at the
        table with their employers.

        Did You Know?

        Since 1910, the well-known Teamster logo
        has consisted of two horses' heads,
        representing the complementary forces of
    strength inherent in the Teamster organization.
        The horses' names are Thunder and Lightning; 
        Thunder is male and Lightning is female.

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