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Rail Unions Slam Senate’s ‘Anti-American’ Rejection of Sick Days
Posted On: Dec 02, 2022
Dec. 2, 2022 | LABOR UNIONS | Some unions representing rail workers, as well as the nation's largest labor organization, blasted a Senate vote on Thursday denying workers paid sick days after the chamber passed a separate measure imposing a labor agreement and averting a nationwide rail strike. The bill, which gives rail workers seven paid sick days, passed the House but was defeated by a vote of 52-43 in the Senate. "It is extremely disappointing that 43 Senators voted to prioritize the corporate greed of rail carriers and CEOs over the needs and quality-of-life improvements that our members so desperately deserve," said the SMART Transportation Division, or SMART-TD, which represents about 28,000 conductors, making it the nation's largest rail union. The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees division of the Teamsters [BMWED], which represents 12,000 members, sharply criticized the Senate vote. "It is shocking and appalling that any Member of Congress would cast a vote against any sort of provision that raises the standard of living for hard-working Americans," a union statement said. ABC News  Related: Biden signs bill averting rail workers strike despite lack of sick days
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